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About us
Ruian ventilation and dust removal Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in East China, coastal city of Yangtze River Delta, hometown of pharmaceutical machinery in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, as well as domestic automobile and motorcycle parts production base. It was founded in August 2003. It is a professional enterprise specializing in the production of explosion-proof fans and environmental pollution prevention engineering design.
The company integrates R & D, manufacturing, service as one, to "Application of modern technology", to achieve customer satisfaction as the goal, pay attention to product research and development capabilities and technological innovation, with strong technical force, exquisite production equipment, to provide customers with high-quality explosion-proof fan products and excellent after-sales service.
The b4-72, zgf medium pressure centrifugal fan and other aluminum impellers developed by our company are die-casting series products, which have won the "appearance design patent certificate" issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China, which has changed the defects of traditional manual sand casting. The die-casting blade is not easy to be dislocated, evenly distributed, and the blade angle is consistent, so that each blade has a unified air supply to achieve air supply and air supply The exhaust is basically balanced, the aerodynamic performance is good, and the sound level is lower than A. at the same time, the noise pollution is reduced and the operation is more stable. It is a good product for you to choose.
The company into adhering to the "integrity, quality, service, new" business philosophy. "For the sake of customers, customer satisfaction" is the company's purpose. Its leading products are divided into two categories: a dust removal equipment "electrostatic high efficiency dust collector, gas box pulse dust collector, off-line pulse bag filter", etc. B mold die casting explosion-proof fan aluminum impeller series, widely used: fuel oil and gas boiler, high concentration dust workshop, oil depot, gas storage station, storage warehouse of explosive materials, and installation and use in occasions with explosion-proof requirements, and can transport flammable, explosive and volatile gas ventilation. And can be customized according to customer requirements.
The company establishes the guiding ideology of "people-oriented", takes the cultivation of management team with the courage of reform and innovation as the goal, takes the establishment of learning organization as the company's corporate culture, and constantly introduces new technologies. Welcome new and old customers to inquire, visit and negotiate! Wish new and old customers a prosperous business and all the best! Contact: Wang Shaowei, mobile phone: 13705781008, thank you.

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